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Upper Mountainview Weekly Update

Upper Mountainview Weekly Update

Friday, July 23 | by SLC
Category: Program News

This week has been a busy but fun filled week for Upper Mountain View. On Thursday one of our groups worked as a team in an extraordinary way! The group came together to complete their ten laps in the lake. The whole of Mountain View Upper were so proud.

Our campers embraced a magical world today. While creating wands, I asked everyone to go search for a stick that you feel a connection to. As we began to discuss the sticks that we chose and why, one camper said that that her stick looked weak but was hard to break showing us that we are all stronger on the inside than we are on the outside.

On Sunday campers got to have new experiences. Everyone loves the lake at Surprise Lake Camp but the memories that are made are even greater. As campers worked to complete and work on their laps, campers for the first time got to go on the diving board and the bounce. You could see such joy amongst the group – it was such a wonderful moment to witness pure happiness.

On Monday night, Mountain View Upper gathered out on the deck for a bedtime story. All the campers grabbed their pillows and sleeping bags to hear a magical story under the stars.  Every camper listened with eager ears, with intrigue and excitement about what was happening next.

Tuesday was the camp premiere of the all camp show! Mountain View Upper stepped up to the challenge of participating and rehearsing in a play. As one camper was nervous about participating, we discussed the importance of making a promise and commitment. As her peers encouraged her to continue in the play, her confidence grew and she overcame her hesitation.

On Wednesday most of Mountain View Upper got to experience their first ever Olympics! The campers had a great time and gained a new perspective on teamwork, as all contributed to the effort of helping their team do it’s best and at the same time understood how important it was to cheer on the other teams.

We are looking forward to an amazing last few days of the session.

Shabbat Shalom!

Tayla, Upper Mountainview Supervisor, and the entire UMV team