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Journey's Way Weekly Update

Journey’s Way Weekly Update

Thursday, August 19 | by SLC
Category: Program News

Journey’s Way had a blast this last week of camp. This past Sunday, we had our Teenside Fun Day where the kids had an opportunity to hand bake pizza with our culinary specialist, Shir. They made and spread the dough into pans, while putting on the sauce and cheese. The pizza was then cooked, leaving us to enjoy a delicious lunch that we made by scratch!

After that, we went to the Carnival, which was filled with inflatables and fun games such as jumbo Connect Four. The kids all rushed toward the water slide and the laser tag. Lastly, we ended our Teenside Fun Day with a lake swim on Teenside. A lot of the campers went on the Aqua Jump and took turns on the launch, which is exclusive to Teenside. It was a memorable experience as we launched off the Aqua Jump, leaping high up into the air, landing in the lake.

On Monday we also enjoyed an Argentina Afternoon led by many of our Argentinian counselors. Throughout the afternoon the kids learned some traditional Argentinian dances led by Florencia, they also learned  Spanish songs led by our very own Milena, and they went to Arts and Crafts to create Argentinian-based projects led by Malka.

Yesterday, all of the kids went to Teenside to participate in a sibling activity with Boulderhill, who are the oldest campers on Teenside. Each child got a pair of funky socks that match with their big sibling and the campers were told to find the Teenside camper whose socks matched theirs. Together, as Big and Little, they participated in a trash bag fashion show where they had to make an outfit out of a trash bag using other supplies to accessorize. They were then challenged to create a 20-30 second routine with their partner. Each pair strutted the runway on the stage of the Shmerler building and demonstrated their collaborative efforts, showing how Mainside and Teenside can work together.

The kids are all so excited for the last few days as they prepare for our last Shabbat together, SLC Sing, and the Slideshow. It was our pleasure working with all of your kids this summer, and we all are so sad it is coming to an end. Thank you all so much for a great summer, and we hope you have a great rest of the year. Until next summer…

Shabbat Shalom,

Lara, Unit Supervisor, and the entire team