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Teenside Sports Specialty

Teenside Sports Specialty

Monday, July 8 | by SLC
Category: Program News

During Specialty, which takes place three times each week, campers have the opportunity to choose their activity and with each meeting they further their skills or continue a project.

Sports specialty is very popular on Teenside. The theme for this year’s teams are Disney characters. This session, the teams are Team Aladdin, Team Simba, Team Abu, Team Maleficent, Team Hercules, and Team Sebastian. During the first specialty period, we played basketball, volleyball and European handball.

Everyone in Sports Specialty was abuzz with excitement as the first games got underway. We saw Team Simba beat Team Aladdin during the first volleyball game with scores of 25-20 and 25-23, a very close game by all accounts. We also saw an extremely close basketball game between Team Aladdin and Team Hercules with impressive showings from many campers.

We witnessed the tightest game of European handball between Team Maleficent and Team Simba. The tie could not be broken at the end. This game saw many memorable moments. The games also included one of the best European Handball goals witnessed on the face of this earth. This game however was eventually taken to a shoot-out which saw Team Simba walk out victorious with a score of 3-0.

During the captain’s interview on their newly appointed roles, we asked them “How proud are you to be an SLC Captain this session?” One captain responded with “I am greatly honored to be part of a select group and show off my leadership skills,” and his co-captain stated, “I’m thankful to be given the responsibility to lead a team.” One captain was quick to let us know that, “this is the greatest accomplishment of my life!”

That finishes week one with much more to look forward to in the coming specialty sessions.